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    tactJournalist, at CCTV AfricaSummarySince 2006 I have been working across the f▓ull spectrum of Broadcast Media in Kenya, as a journalist and presenter on radio and television.Business news is my key area of expertise. Given the commodities boom in Africa, its' fast-growing and vibrant population, and its' slow shift to better governance and more open and democratic societies, I be

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    lieve African countries ar▓e full of as-yet unexploited opportunities. By the same token however, the continent has several risks.My job is to tell both sides of Africa's business case, to the widest possi▓ble audience, in the most timely, and engaging manner.SpecialtiesTV News Production, Radio News Production, News Pre▓sentation, Moderation, News ScriptingExperienceBusiness Anchor &

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    amp; Reporter at CCTV News InternationalJune 2012 - Present (6 months)Based in Nairobi, I'm part▓ of a team that sources and collates business news from around the continent andputs it into perspective for our audiences in Africa, and Asia.TV News Editor/Presenter at Radio Africa LtdJuly 2010 - June 2012 (2 years)I'm part of a team of 3 Editors, in charge of the creation an▓d execu

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